BUSINESSImmunotoxicity Studies

Test Introduction

It examines potential effect of test substances to the immune systems of human. The range of study includes testing medical supplies, chemical substances, food, pesticides and vari¬ous types of substances to see if they cause problem to immune systems.

There are various meth-ods to conduct experiments on the following aspects: antigenic quality, the decrease or ab-normal increase in immune systems, and excessive sensitivity. Biotoxtech Inc. has acquired the official recognition by GLP in the field of testing the anti¬genic quality and other categories of subnormality in immune systems and possesses arguably the most diverse test methods in Korea.

The Item of Trusted Research Studies(Applicable to ICH, OECD, JMHW, MFDS, RDA)

Active systemic anaphylactic shock response and passive cutaneous anaphylaxis response

Active systemic anaphylactic shock response and passive cutaneous anaphylaxis response The test evaluates the occurrence of immunogenicUy in antigen of oroanism by repeatedly admin-istering the test substances to predict the potential antigenicity of sub¬stances on human body.

The range of evaluation includes Active Systemic Anaphylactic Shock Response (ASA)and Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis Response(PCA)

Skin sensitization test

This test predicts the possible danger of skin sensitization in using There are two ways to experiment this test; one involves combined injection of adjuvant, and non adjuvant tests and the other does not. The test methods are as following: Maximization test. Adjuvant and Patch tests. Buehler test. Draize test. Open Epicutaneous test and Freund s Complete Adjuvant test.

Other immunotoxicity studies with the use of flow cytometry

As the technology using monoclonal antibody which recognizes the surface antigen of cells has become prevalent, flow cytometry has become available into many different fields of application. This technology enables certain cell specimens to be separated and purified amongst other cell organisms and allows accurate interpretation of many different elements using multiple differ-ent parameters. With the use of flow cytometry, evaluations of immuno

Other Related Item of Trusted Research Studies

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