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Anticancer part(In vitro)
  • Primary cell-based assay : Using target oriented cell-line from 96 well plate, evaluate the effect by MIT essay or SRB (Sulforhodamine B)
  • Secondary cell-based assay : Kinetic research according to drug effect, effect research according to time exposure to drugs, research on tolerance, efficacy research according to cell density, and other drug-cell interactions
Anticancer part(In vitro)
  • Tumor model system (Xenograft assay) : Anticancer effect evaluation using nude mouse, scid mouse and mouse or human oriented tumor cell line
  • Resistance tumor model system : Evaluation of anticancer effect using internal tumor cell line on nude and scid mouse
  • Diabetes Evaluation of improvement effect of type 2 diabetes using C57BL/6J-db/db type 2 diabetes mice
  • Obesity Evaluation of improvement effect of obesity using C57BL/6J DIO (Diet Induced Obesity) model
  • Arthritis Evaluation of improvement effect of arthritis for rheumatoid arthritis models using Type II collagen induced DBA/1J mice
  • Atopic disease Evaluation of improvement effect of atopic dermatitis for atopic dermatitis models using Dermatophagoides farinae antigen induced NC/Nga mice
  • Hypertension Evaluation of improvement effect of hypertension using HR (Spontaneous Hypertension Rat)