BUSINESSEfficacy evaluation research field

Introduction of evaluation

The field of study that requires diverse models to search for effective results of developlng substance is evaluation on efficacy. Biotoxtech Inc. has established various in vitro/in vivo models which allow evaluate the efficacy and effects of medical supply development. To meet the needs for every developer.

Biotoxtech runs special network research teams and provides services on nearly all of the efficacy evaluations. This service by Biotoxtech Inc. is the only research service method performed in Korea. With its respective monitoring and research system by professional research teams, it provides the best evaluation results.

The efficacy evaluation of medical supplies and health supplements

As an effort to provide the test results which can be recognized internationally. Biotoxtech Inc. focus on performing the efficacy test of the substances that is recently under the development, employing highly recognized dissertations and professional con¬sulting service. Efficacy evaluation services on various illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, anticancer, arthritis, liver desease and obesity are available. In case of health supplements, we provide necessary information for earning approval based on the efficacy evaluation guide of health supplements

The Range of Efficacy Evaluation

  • 01_ Efficacy evaluation of medical supplies
  • 02_ Efficacy evaluation of health supplements
  • 03_ Efficacy evaluation of cosmetics