COMPANYMessages from CEO

‘Keeping the human life and health'

We will be the global leader in bio-industrial world with better service and quality.

Biotoxtech Co., Ltd. is founded on competent people, latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities, and has the experience of submitting hundreds of documents to the regulatory agencies including the US, Japan, Europe, etc. for new compounds for domestic and international customers as well as performing the most GLP certified non-clinical GLP studies in Korea.

In January 2015, the US FDA GLP inspection was held and as a result, Biotoxtech received approval for the first time among domestic private non-clinical testing institutions. This is thanks to continuous efforts through customer satisfaction management and support of our customers based on the confidence in the upmost quality and technology.

Biotoxtech is the only CRO to be KOSDAQ listed in Korea and in 2010, has been selected as representative of the domestic CRO to successfully go through GLP inspections of the OECD MJV (Mutual Joint Visits). In terms of animal welfare, Biotoxtech was Asia's first to receive Full Accreditation, the highest rating from US AAALAC International and also AAALAC accreditation in the sector of aquatic (environmental) toxicity among private CROs. Furthermore, Biotoxtech has become a leading company in the domestic non-clinical CRO by receiving the nation's first accreditations in safety pharmacology and alternatives to animal testing.

Biotoxtech established a joint venture company, SCAS-BTT Bioanalysis Co., Ltd. (SBB), with Japan's Sumika Chemical Analysis Service for the development of toxicokinetics/ pharmacokinetics sector, and emerged as the nation's one and only non-clinical CRO to perform biological sample analysis of synthetic drugs and biopharmaceuticals by improving the service quality of the biological sample analysis sector.

Moreover, we will play a pivotal role as a leading company in accordance with the act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances on the basis of the experience of risk assessment and aquatic toxicity assessment of hundreds of chemical substances per year. Being always open-minded, we will do our best to develop a state-of-the-art technology to be the global non-clinical CRO providing world-class quality and service and to submit accurate and reliable data.

From all employees of Biotoxtech