RESEARCH ETHICSAnimal ethics committee

The commission is operated for the animal experiments to be followed by 3R principles, the life respect and enhancing reliability of research

Role of committee

  • Inspection of animal experimental facilities
  • Evaluation of the program which is management and use of animals(two times a year)
  • Review and approval of animal experimental plan
  • submit a report to the head of the animal experimental facility and the National Veterinary Research institute.

Committee composition

Review & approval process of animal experimental plan

Rules of 3Rs(3Rs : replacement, reduction, refinement)


Figuring out replacement of experimental animals Replacement refers to methods which avoidn area where animals would otherwise have been used

Reduction : reducing number of experimental animals

Reduction refers to methods which minimize animal use and enable researchers to obtain comparable levels of information from fewer animals or to obtain more information from the same number of animals

Refinement : Minimizing pain in experimental animals

Refinement refers to method which minimize actual or potential pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm and/or improve animal welfare in situations where the use of animals is unavoidable.