COMPANYQuality Assurance

Biotoxtech is building a system that can be implemented with high quality and reliability of the test.
  • Regulation and Guideline Compliance
  • Work with increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Inspection activities based on risk assessment

QA System

· System reflection and educationafter consideration of regulations
· Consideration of SOP
· Inspection of operationg System
  • Inspection, correction and prevention are performed four times a year
  • Inspection of the personnel, facility, equipment and computerization system
  • Inspection of storage confition for specimen and documents
· Inspection of the study
  • Inspection of the study protocol followed by GLP
  • Inspection of experimental performance ollowed by SOP
  • Inspection of the data accuracy and integrity
  • Inspection of correspondence between data and report
  • Inspection of the data accuracy and integrity

Role of quality assura

Biotoxtech establishes SOP with rational understanding of GLP and guarantee accuracy of data through the observing SOP.

QA & main roles

The goal of QA is a building trusted report for manufacture, per-mission and application of drugs, food, cosmetics, cell thera-peutics, chemicals and agrochemicals. The person who is a member of QAU and nominated by operating director inspects facilities, equipments, investigators, proto-cols and record.